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2 Duplicates, 2 new rides

Posted by skiumahgopher on June 28, 2008

Since I last wrote, I did 4 rides.  Wednesday and Thursday were repeats (Mississippi Choo Chew & Thursday Therapy).  Friday’s was Vermillion Catillion & Saturday was a trip around Lake Pepin. 

Friday’s ride was dry, Saturday’s wasn’t.

The Firday ride went down to Vermillion via UMore Park and Clayton Avenue. 

Mileage: 38 pace 17+.  Cities visited: Eagan, IGH, Rosemount, & Vermillion.

Saturday’s lap around the lake in the river had 3 episodes of rain. 3/4 of the Wisonsin side, just south of Lake City, and just south of Red Wing.  It was an official Habitat 500 training ride, so I had to get used to riding in crappy weather. I also had a flat in Lake City.

Mileage: 71 pace fast going, slow coming back Cities Visited: Red Wing, Bay City, Maiden Rock, Stockholm (where they have great hamentashen), Pepin, Nelson, Wabasha, & Lake City.


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Mountain Biking

Posted by skiumahgopher on June 20, 2008

Tonight I went mountain biking for the first time.

I went to Potbelly for a sandwich, and it was only 7:00 when I got out.  So I went down to Lebanon Hills for mountain biking.  It is a great experience.  The course was challenging.  I had to get off the bike a few times to go around big rocks and over logs. 

I will definitely try it again.

About 17 miles, all in Eagan.

Tomorrow, Taylor Made – Falls and All

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The Solstice Metric Century

Posted by skiumahgopher on June 19, 2008

Today’s ride went from Ramsey Beach in White Bear Lake. We traveled up Portland to Highway 7, then up 57 to Highway 4.  After a left at Manning and a right at Mayberry, we made our way through beautiful wooded roads.  A left at Highway 3, which became 25 in Chisago County, then a right at 86.  The ride finally got to Highway 95.  A right at 243, then down the hill, across the St. Croix, and up the hill to the rest stop in Osceola.

At the rest stop, we discovered that Kim’s rear tire was shot.  Luckily, Richard M. has another tire, and we were back on the road. Returning to Highway 3 the way we came out, we continued to Highway 4 to 55.  The rolling hills of Highway 55 were great.  After a regroup at Highway 7, we continued west to Highway 15, where we went south to 110th. We wound around to the Withrow Ballroom and took a left back at 7.  Back to Portland and down to Highway 96, and back to the beach.

Cities and towns traveled through: White Bear Lake, Hugo, Scandia, Osceola, May Township, Withrow, and White Bear Township.  Miles: 64, Average: 18 MPH.

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The Whole Enchilada

Posted by skiumahgopher on June 18, 2008

Tonight’s ride started at the Roseville Professional Center on Hamline & 36.  We made our way to Lake Owasso, and to Vadnais Heights.  We traveled up Centerville Road to Goose Lake Road.  After going right on Otter Lake Road, we went around the western half of Goose Lake (no water skiers:().  A little South Shore, then down McKnight to Orchard and over to Bellaire.  Working our way to Joy via 120, we started towards home.  County C to Keller Parkway.  A trip around the south side of Lake Gervais, then up Little Canada Road.  A right on Country, left on S Owasso, then Western. A right on Transit, left on Cohansey, brought us to B2, and back to Hamline, and the lot.

About 27 miles at just under 16 MPH (the rough road on B2 between Lexington and Hamline really slowed us).  Cities visited: Roseville, Shoreview, Vadnais Heights, Gem Lake, White Bear Lake, North St. Paul, Maplewood, and Little Canada.

Dinner at LaCasita was great.  I had a taco pizza.

Tomorrow: The Solstice Metric.

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Gears, Tears & Fears

Posted by skiumahgopher on June 17, 2008

My second crack at the famous hill ride in St. Paul.  About 31 miles and 1700 feet of climbing.

It was a good ride (except for the idiot who threw a bottle at me from St. Clair playground).  I averaged about 15.3 MPH.

Climbs were: Edgcumbe, Dubener, High Bridge & Smith, Marie, Hwy 13 out of Mendota, Lexington off of 13, Hwy 13 (Cherokee Hill), Ohio, and Ramsey.  Rode with a great group today.

Tomorrow: The Whole Enchilada

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Back in the Saddle

Posted by skiumahgopher on June 17, 2008

Last night’s ride:  Urban Wildlife (Rosemount).  Starting at the Airport Hilton, the ride goes over the Minnesota River crossing parallel to 494. Working our way to Delaware via Mendota Heights Road, we went to Wescott, then Dodd Road.  After a jog on Red Pine, we get to Highway 3.  Turning right on 145th, we start back.  Instead of straight to Diamond Path, we went on a bunch of residential streets.  After getting to Diamond Path, we hit the rollers, both on Diamond Path, then Johnny Cake Ridge Road.  A left on Deerwood, and a right on Blackhawk gets us ready for the home stretch.  Blue Cross, Heritage, Letendre, then finally Highway 13.  Up the hill on 13 to Mendota Heights road, back on the river crossing to the hotel.

My average was 16.5 the wind died down at the end, thank god.

Tonight: Gears, Tears & Fears.  Back Later.

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