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2 Duplicates, 2 new rides

Posted by skiumahgopher on June 28, 2008

Since I last wrote, I did 4 rides.  Wednesday and Thursday were repeats (Mississippi Choo Chew & Thursday Therapy).  Friday’s was Vermillion Catillion & Saturday was a trip around Lake Pepin. 

Friday’s ride was dry, Saturday’s wasn’t.

The Firday ride went down to Vermillion via UMore Park and Clayton Avenue. 

Mileage: 38 pace 17+.  Cities visited: Eagan, IGH, Rosemount, & Vermillion.

Saturday’s lap around the lake in the river had 3 episodes of rain. 3/4 of the Wisonsin side, just south of Lake City, and just south of Red Wing.  It was an official Habitat 500 training ride, so I had to get used to riding in crappy weather. I also had a flat in Lake City.

Mileage: 71 pace fast going, slow coming back Cities Visited: Red Wing, Bay City, Maiden Rock, Stockholm (where they have great hamentashen), Pepin, Nelson, Wabasha, & Lake City.


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