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My view on the Santana trade

Posted by skiumahgopher on January 29, 2008

Here is my $.02 on the Santana trade.

The question shouldn’t be “Did we get equal value?” rather it should be “Were the players we got better than the Mets, Yankees, or Red Sox first round draft choice & a sandwich pick?”. Because that’s what we would receive at the end of the season.

It’s my opinion that the Sox and Yanks had no intentions of trading with us. They were just trying to get the other team to blink. I remember in December, reports said Smith basically accepted the Hughes deal, only to have Brian Cashman convince Hank Steinbrenner that trading Phil Hughes was not a good idea. That’s when it became apparent that it was just a high stake poker game between those 2 teams. Meanwhile, the Mets were slowplaying the two teams with Gomez & Guerra (with Humber & Mulvey for filler).

Gomez has a chance to be better than Ellsbury (in fact and Baseball America have him rated higher). And Guerra at age 18, was a dominating pitcher at high A.

Give the trade a chance, it might work out.


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